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Name's Abby Sciuto (that's shoo-toe), and I am a professional geek for a federal agency. Translation: I'm a forensics lab specialist for NCIS (that's Naval Criminal Investigations Services, if you were wondering). I'm a Jill-of-all-trades, and skilled in nearly everything from ballistics to hacking. Oooh check out that ego huh?

I love my job (dude, I get to dig up graves every so often, you can't not love that), and my co-workers rule (even if they have horrible luck in the romance department).

I've written a paper that was recently published in a forensics journal (Digital Optical Enhancement of Reflective Surfaces with Scattered Refractive Properties). No, I don't expect you to read it.

If you're nice to me, I'll let you see some of my tatts.
((If you IM me at the above AIM name, I'll respond in-character unless it's in OOC brackets. If you want to talk to me OOC only, IM TheGlitterPill. Anyone's welcome to IM either names.))
((So totally fictional. Abby and all things related to the TV show NCIS are the intelectual property of the folks at CBS. Pauley Perrette is owned by herself. This is all for fun because I have no real life to speak of.))